Pros and Cons of Moving to Croatia

Croatia is fast becoming a popular tourist destination and retirement haven, prompting many foreigners to look it up for real estate. Croatia is indeed a good place to live with a good developing economy, low cost of living and majestic natural beauty. But before actually taking the plunge, wouldn’t it be great to know what’s in store for you first?

First, the climate can be considered wonderful, with plenty of sunshine and winters that rarely drop below zero. It’s practically like being in the Mediterranean especially in the coastal areas which is the best place to get real estate. Croatia however can get quite hot for people who are not used to heat and there are months where the sun is still up at 9am which can wreak havoc on the body’s internal clock. It’s something to get used to but the nature and the sunshine is a bigger payoff.

Over to the most important aspect which prompts many to consider getting Croatian real estate. Croatia’s cost of living is relatively cheap. The price of food can depend though on the location, but transportation costs are generally affordable. In coastal areas, one can purchase fresh seafood right off the boat and there are plenty of discount stores to choose from. However, the bureaucracy in the country can be a nightmare and there are taxes aplenty.

Another important consideration is safety. According to the US State Department, Croatia is a level one as of February 2020 and ranks 28th on the Global Peace Index. So yes, it’s safe which is why people are flocking to migrate and buy real estate Croatia ( Croatia however has an underdeveloped emergency response especially when it comes to its sparely inhabited areas which is ironically appealing to many migrants where the properties are both beautiful and affordable.

And lastly, the language. There’s a good percentage of English and Italian-speaking residents so foreigners can get by with English, Italian and rudimentary Croatian. Croatian however is a challenging language. No doubt it’s a requirement but Croatians are friendly and patient enough to teach others. Overall, it’s no wonder Croatia is becoming one of the best retirements and vacation destinations in Europe.

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