Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

Height adjustable desks are now becoming a trend for many reasons. People are starting to realize the devastating consequences and effects of a sedentary lifestyle, like sitting for extended periods. Just so you know, if you often spend most of your days sitting, you are more prone to developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer, just to mention a few. 

The connection between sitting and illnesses first showed up during the 1950s. Back then, researchers discovered that drivers of double-decker buses were two times as likely to experience heart attacks compared to their bus conductor colleagues.

Height adjustable desk
Adjustable desks made of solid oak are especially popular for offices.

Considering all the data out there about the health effects of sedentary lifestyles, it’s no big surprise that more and more offices are now shifting to the use of desks with adjustable heights. 

A height adjustable desk can help prevent back issues and boost the motivation, concentration, and performance of employees while reducing downtime. This article aims to explore all the perks you can enjoy if you opt for a height adjustable desk and what makes it essential not only for office layouts but even for homes. 

You Can Customize Height Adjustable Desks 

Customization options are probably one of the top benefits of opting for a height adjustable desk. It’s because you can easily set it to any specific height that you find most focused and comfortable. It will be easier to work in your best condition if you have set up your workstation correctly and properly. 

Height adjustable desk
Height adjustable desk allow you to adjust the height of the desk with a button

If you happen to have an office job or you have a home office, adjusting the height of your desk can help you stay alert and healthy. At the same time, it can also ward off the usual pains and aches that you feel after sitting for long periods at a more traditional desk. 

It Helps with Backache 

Your body will surely suffer from the strain of standing for a long time in just a single position. But with height adjustable desks, you can adjust their standing height to ensure that it will suit the level that is most comfortable for you. As a result, you will feel less stress on both your back and body after standing still for hours. 

Height adjustable desk
Backache will be a thing of the past if you use height adjustable desk

It Encourages Standing That Boosts Productivity 

You probably spend a big part of your day sitting if you’re working from home or even in an office setting. However, you have to keep in mind that standing can burn off more calories compared to sitting, not to mention that it also improves your concentration and focus levels. 

ErgoHide – a totally customizable and unique office height adjustable desk

Every time you stand at a height adjustable desk, you can take breaks now and then every 20 minutes to walk around or stretch out for 5 minutes or so. If possible, you can also try to squeeze in 2 to 3 hours of active work into your everyday schedule. 

Adjustment Function Promotes More Daily Movements 

Desks with adjustable height also let you switch easily and quickly between standing and sitting. This is an easy way for you to always stay on your feet during your workday. Research discovered that people who sit for extended periods, including those who use their desks throughout the day, are more at risk of premature health despite getting moderate amounts of exercise. 

Easier to Clean

When you have a height adjustable desk, you no longer need to worry about cleaning any awkward nook or cranny. All you have to do is wipe down the keyboard and desktop areas and you can simply go about with your day. It also makes it easier for you to ward off germs and bacteria in your workspace or home office. 

Benefits for Your Health

Studies have also revealed that desks with adjustable heights have several health benefits, such as lower blood pressure and fewer varicose veins. However, even if you might not be worried that much about your blood pressure or veins, standing while working can also prevent many serious health concerns, including heart disease and obesity. 

A study revealed that people who spend over six hours sitting per day are more prone to premature death from any cause compared to those who only sit for three hours or so daily. Standing also helps you reduce lower back pains because it stretches out your muscles. 

They Look Appealing and Cool 

There’s no doubt that adjustable desks simply look cool and appealing. Of course, they’re more expensive than standard desks. However, you can be sure that it is something you can show off to your family, friends, and colleagues every time you invite them over. With such a cool appearance, who can resist spending hours working on it every single day?

They Encourage Improved Posture 

Every time you work at home, it should always be your top priority to prevent backaches and improve your posture. But it’s not enough that you just stand tall and straight to do it. You also have to make sure that your chair will also support proper posture. 

With a height adjustable desk, you can simply adjust them to any height that suits you best to prevent slouching or back pain that may result in some injury in the long run. 

Great Space-savers

Standing desks are notably smaller compared to sit-down ones, making them the best choice for smaller and more cramped spaces. If your home only has a small spare room or you just prefer to work on some days while standing up, switching to height adjustable desks is a wise decision. 

Aside from taking up less space compared to their fixed counterparts, these desks can also be adjusted throughout the day to accommodate your ever-changing levels of energy while improving your posture and boosting your productivity. 

They’re Perfect for Shared Workspaces

Last but not least, height adjustable desks are also ideal for shared workspaces. With these adjustable desks, the working surface can be lowered if someone else will be using the desk and just raise it back up again after the person is done. Unlike spending your whole day sitting, using a height adjustable desk will allow you to sit and stand at different times during the day. 

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