Discover the Wonders of Real Estate Poland

Poland might not really be one of the first countries that pop up in mind if you have plans to live or work overseas. However, thanks to the rich cultural and religious history, helpful people, good food, and overall safety, real estate Poland has become more and more in demand for the past several years.

Poland offers a plethora of exciting benefits and surprises for foreigners who live and work there permanently or temporarily. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider buying real estate Poland ( for whatever purpose you have in mind.

Lower Cost of Living than Other European Countries

If you are a budget-savvy person, the country of Poland is like a refreshing haven than its Western neighbors such as Zurich, London, and Paris. The cost of living here in different cities is relatively cheaper than other cities in Western Europe. You will find Poland to be the best place to give your wallet a break, letting you spend less on public transport, food, and other needs.

Rich and Exciting Cultural and Religious History

Poland is famous for its rich Slavic-based cultural and religious history after all the years spent in wars and interactions with the nearby countries. The country is primarily Roman Catholic ever since the local duke from Polans’ Western Slavic tribe Mieszko converted into Christianity in Western Latin rite.

This conversion of Mieszko had extensive consequences. Civilization and culture of the country became more entrenched in Western cultural milieu and different from the rest of the Slavic nations, particularly after the 11th century’s Great East-West Schism.

Practicing Roman Catholics can look forward to attending Catholic Masses in both the countryside and cities on Sundays. There are also holy feast days being observed.

The national memory still retains the tragic wars that the country encountered until 20th century. Many museums in cities such as Krakow and Warsaw are meant to commemorate historical wars the country fought.

Sincere, Helpful, and Friendly People

Polish people are very courteous in general, especially to foreigners. Most people you will meet are also willing to answer your questions or help you with issues you may encounter during your stay in the country. Despite the common impression of having poker faces, when a Polish smiles at you, you can be sure that the person really meant it sincerely.

Glorious Food to Satisfy All Palates

Most owners of real estate Poland, particularly newcomers, are thrilled to find out that there are plenty of fusion and traditional Polish cuisines to try. Polish food is savory and rich in flavors. Good examples of these are the well-acclaimed Pierogi or Polish dumplings and Rosół or chicken broth that is delicious and reminds you of home at the same time. In bigger cities such as Krakow and Warsaw, you will also find lots of cafes and restaurants so you will never run out of options.

The next time you can’t decide whether or not to buy real estate Poland, just think of these reasons and you will surely be able to reach a good decision in no time.

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