Car headlights

How the lights in our vehicles work

Car lights are a set of light devices located on the body of the car designed to provide light when driving at night, in conditions of poor visibility or in bad weather. The main types of car lights are listed below:

Headlights: these are the car’s main lights, located at the front of the vehicle. They provide the majority of illumination when driving at night and consist of a pair of white lights.

Position lights: these are the lowest part of the front headlights and are used to indicate the position of the car when it is parked or is …

Car roof racks

Space problems with luggage of all kinds

Whether you are a sports enthusiast, camper, cyclist, skier, or just someone who likes to have everything they need (and more) with them when they travel, universal roof racks for cars are your salvation.…

Hail protector

How Many Times Can Hail Protector Be Used?

Since protecting the paint of your car and lowering wear on its interior will help with its trade-in value, it is important to keep your car covered if you want to keep it protected not only from hail but also from dirt, dust, bird excrement, pollen, tree branches and sap, UV rays and sun, snow, heat, rain, and sleet.…

Rubber auto floor mats

Should You Go for Carpet or Rubber Auto Floor Mats?

No matter how fussy and tidy you are as a driver, you still cannot help it but to bring leaves, stones, and other dirt into your car through your shoes and clothes. Even though it might seem easy and simple to get rid of this mess, after some time, the dirt can build up and cause some serious stains on the interior of your car. There is also the problem of stains coming from drinks, food, and other spills inside your car that, if not removed, can create unpleasant smells and ruin the appearance of your car. This is where …

EGR valve opens with low throttle load levels, at low engine speeds

EGR Valve

Any motor vehicle that is in operation releases different polluting gases with hydrocarbons and carbon oxides, where the control falls directly on the oxidation catalyst, but, the egr valve is the one that has the capacity to register and control the level of oxidation of nitrogen.

For several years, like the 60 in the USA and the 90 in Europe, there was a need to promote anti-pollution policies and measures that help protect the environment. For this reason, it was decided to install in the vehicles a system that recirculates the exhaust gases, which we know as EGR Valve.…

Scooter Helmet Buying Guide

It doesn’t matter if you have plans to get a sparkling new scooter helmet for your equally new shiny ride or you are sick and tired of your good old helmet. There is a good chance that you are having a hard time reaching a wise decision. There are many options available in terms of size, style, design, comfort, shape, and others, making it even more daunting to pick the right model. 

To help you with your decision-making, below are some things that can help you pick the perfect helmet that suits your needs. …

Car covers

Protect your car with car covers

Every car requires covers, whether outdoor or indoors. The two serves one purpose, lessening the degree of damage caused to your car. This is the same thing a hail car cover does. The only difference is that a hail car cover is much better and a very effective solution when it comes to safeguarding cars from the severity of hail storm. This article discusses the relevance of hail protector car covers in details. …

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are mechanical devices designed to absorb and reduce the shock whims. This is done by controlling the movement of the wheels. The springs absorb bumps and changes in the road surfaces.  Thereafter, that the dampers limit the wheels movements. Most current cars use telescopic shock absorbers that characterized by a piston and a valve arrangement inside an oil-filled tube. In this case, oil is forced inside the shocks through small holes in the piston which controls the movements of the wheel as the spring rotates.

What You Should Know about Sygic Navigation

Sygic navigation is an app for navigation for iOS and Android devices. With quality maps, it offers other high quality features. What makes it different from others is because it’s useful and beneficial.

Use and Features

The user may either buy a map or consider activating a free trial. For free trial purposes, maps canbe downloaded. Sygic will allow you to use the ma and its app with full functionality for a week before asking you to purchase.

Car ski racks

Car Ski Racks

If you are passionate about skiing and want to travel comfortably and safely, there is an essential accessory for your car: the car ski rack. The variety of models is huge. Many of them are attached to the bars of the roof of the car – on which you can install a ski rack or a chest to carry all the covered material – but there are also magnetic – they do not need roof bars and you can put them only when you need them.

And, if you have a 4 × 4 vehicle, you may be interested in …