Things to Know When Choosing Softshell Jackets

Oftentimes, softshell jackets are praised as a do-everything jacket. These are water-repellent, extremely lightweight, highly breathable, windproof, and conform to movements, which make them ideal for every situation. However, can softshell jackets do everything? What are the things you should consider when buying one?

Softshell – What Should You Know about It? 

The softshells in the market are as huge as the jackets and they are versatile. While most jackets are like hardshells, some are like a classic jumper. Softshells make up mid-layer between a hardshell jacket and fleece jumper. When compared to fleece jumpers, softshells are more water-repellent and wind repellent, yet not waterproof to the extent that hardshells are. In addition to that, these are more elastic and breathable.

Majority of softshells are windproof. It’s achieved through way of manufacturing techniques. There are also jackets with membranes and others have dense fabric, which are windproof. Jackets may be windproof as a result of weave or membrane. However, the benefit of a membrane basically lies in the fact that it can repel rain to a huge extent, which is something special weaves cannot do. The membrane’s disadvantage is that it does not allow as much water vapor pass through, so you lose that breathability. 

If you think your softshell jackets can protect you from light rains and wind and stay breathable at the same time, membranes will be your option. If you are searching for jackets that are breathable and warm and shield you from the winds, jackets without membranes can be your option.

How Softshells Jackets Get So Comfortable?

Softshells jackets have different layers like hardshells. Their outer fabric is basically a water-repellent and abrasion-resistant material, which transports moisture very well, yet does not absorb any. In this case, polyamide, polypropylene or polyester is used. Often, the second layer is a membrane that enables water vapor to pass through yet repels wind. On the jacket’s inside, you will find wool, fur or wool for freedom of movement, comfort, as well as protection.

Areas of Use

Due to the different fabric combinations, softshells jackets are as numerous as their applications. To find the best jacket for your needs, you must have a close look at features. Softshell jackets come equipped with helmet-compatible hoods, underarm zips, drawcords, and some cool features. All of these may be useful or redundant depending on what you require for your jacket.

If you want to buy a softshell jacket for jogging, cycling, trail running, and some highly aerobic activities, you must get yourself breathable jackets. If you tend not to run or cycle in the rain, you may do without the membrane. Venting options and fit are the most essential factors you should always keep in mind.

At present, there are numerous softshell jackets in the market, which make it hard to keep track. However, once you give yourself some time to think of what you are searching for, chances are, you will be able to find a perfect jacket for you. 

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