Men’s T-Shirts and Their Different Types

T-shirts, also commonly called tees, are short-sleeved casual tops made with cotton jersey knit fabric. These are called as such because of their shape that is of capital letter T once spread out on a flat surface. But, while this is its most common description, these shirts can actually be of different shapes, sizes, and made of different fabrics. These can also be manufactured to be boxy and loose fitting or tight fitting to be snug on the body.

Crew Neck

Crew neck tees are defined by the circular and rounded neckline. This is the most common type of T-shirt that everyone love to wear. These are perfect for those with sloped shoulders and narrow or long faces. This is because the round collar can help strike balance with the narrow face, creating an illusion of having rounder shoulders to appear broader.


The V-neck T-shirts have been made as such with the purpose of making sure that the shirt’s fabric will not be visible when a shirt is worn on top. V-necks are most flattering on those men who have a larger upper body and rounder faces. Shorter men will also benefit from V-necks since these can naturally elongate the neck, creating the illusion of height or length. This can also help create a more slimming effect for bigger men.

Y-neck or Henley

Henleys are ideal for men who have well-defined chests. These will also look good on muscular men. This is like a hybrid of the V-neck and crewneck that really works. Y-neck T-shirts don’t just accentuate the muscular build as this is also masculine in aesthetic, not to mention that this is more stylish compared to the basic V-neck or crewneck.

Scoop Neck  

Scoop necks are not really a must-have as far as the world of men’s tees is concerned. Not a lot of men wear these tees because it tends to be a bit tricky to know what will work best with them. These shirts are defined by their extra wide neckline. A scoop neck can look great on a man with well-defined chest. This is also best worn with a looser fitting because the fabric has the tendency to be free flowing and lighter, making it ideal for those warmer days of spring or summer.

Graphic Tees

The last, but not the least type of tees for men is none other than the graphic shirts. These ever trendy graphic tees are characterized by their graphics in typographic or photographic form, often found on the shirt’s front side. Graphic tees receive so much flack from men but they are not really that terrible. The secret to wearing these tees is to avoid cheesy phrases or blatant ads. Subtlety is the key here. The graphic should be kept minimalist, clean, or almost invisible. You can rock these T-shirts on your own with no need to layer anything on top and just allow the graphic to shine and stand out.

These are the most common types of tees that every man should add to their closet.

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