Are Titanium Glasses Worth It?

Titanium glasses are starting to enjoy a rising popularity for the past few years. Titanium is a type of precious metal that is now being used in the industry of eyeglasses. 

But, while more and more people love eyeglass frames that are made from titanium material, the only downside is that they often come with higher price tags. 

So, are titanium eyeglasses worth it in the first place? Read on below to know the top reasons that make titanium eyewear pieces a great option for you.

Titanium is a Flexible Material

Titanium material is being used both as an alloy or combined with aluminum or iron and in its pure form in order to create an eyeglasses frame that is highly flexible. Just so you know, titanium glasses are so flexible that these can bend without suffering from any breaks and can easily go back to their original shape. 

Rose gold titanium glasses
Titanium glasses are very light

This durability alone can make these glasses a great choice for you if you need a reason to justify the higher cost. The titanium alloy metals can create the most durable glass frames in the world. When you pick a titanium frame, you can be sure that your glasses will almost be impossible to break. 

Titanium Material is Lightweight

One of the most common complaints that you will probably hear from an eyeglass user is that they feel tired wearing their eyeglasses because they tend to be somewhat heavy. Titanium eyeglasses can be extremely lightweight.

How is it made? Titanium eyewear.

These are often around 40% lighter compared to the standard steel frames, thus resolving the issue of your glasses wearing heavy on your ears and nose. Due to the material’s superior strength, you can have the frames thinner that will make them even lighter. 

Other Benefits of Titanium Eyeglasses 

There are many other perks you can enjoy if you opt for titanium glasses and these include the following:

  • Titanium can resist corrosion. 
  • Titanium frames can offer more choices than stainless steel ones in terms of patterns, color, and texture. 
  • Although there are certain metals that can make glasses wearers suffer from skin reactions, titanium comes with hypoallergenic properties. It is very rare for most people to suffer from adverse skin reactions from wearing titanium frames. 
  • Titanium is also free from nickel, making it biocompatible or nontoxic to the biological systems. 

Are the Properties of Titanium Right for You?

If corrosion-resistance, comfort, durability, and the rest of the benefits stated above all sound good to you, then yes, it is safe to say that it will be worth your money to buy titanium glasses. In fact, many consumers are also making the same choice for other products that are made of titanium including bicycles and golf clubs. 

According to eyecare experts, you might want to invest in titanium glasses for the following reasons:

  • You have nickel allergy. 
  • You cannot tolerate or don’t like too much pressure or weight. 
  • You spend a lot of time on or near the ocean. 
  • You live in region with hot climate that makes you perspire a lot as a result.
  • You wear glasses while playing sports.

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