When is the Time to Schedule a Furnace Inspection

Often, in the dead of winter when it’s too cold to go outside, we end up staying in more often which means spending more time in our houses. Unfortunately this is also the time where most people experience break downs in their furnaces or air conditioners. You can decrease your chances of experiencing these unfortunate events by having an annual inspection completed on your furnace before the cold weather hits.

A furnace inspection is also useful if you are experiencing problems with your furnace during the winter months

Scheduling an inspection and furnace repair Grosse Ile Michigan prior to December will give you peace of mind knowing that it is working properly and effectively during one of the busiest times in Grosse Ile MI. A furnace inspection is also useful if you are experiencing problems with your furnace during the winter months. Your technician will be able to pinpoint the issue so that it can be repaired quickly and effectively, minimizing any discomfort in your home.

There are also other benefits to scheduling an inspection before the cold weather hits, including saving money! During inspections, our technicians will check the filter on your furnace as well as clean it if necessary. This means less dust and dirt circulating throughout your house which leads to cleaner air and a longer life for your equipment! Another great benefit of having an inspection prior to December is having time to replace or repair any worn out or broken parts on your furnace now instead of waiting until there is a problem.

If your furnace is blowing cold air, then you need to get that fixed immediately. Cold air can be very expensive if you don’t have a good source of heat in your home.

Top 5 Reasons Why Furnaces Break

  • The pilot light goes out – Now this could be because of many different aspects, but if it’s not lit, make sure it gets relit properly. If done improperly its possible for gas fumes to backflow into the system causing carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide poisoning which can lead to death or illness over time depending on exposure.
  • Exhaust flue blockage – This is a very common issue that causes not just furnace malfunctions, but carbon monoxide poisoning as well. In an effort to save money people will close their flue vents for efficiency reasons, which in turn creates a build-up of carbon monoxide inside the home which can lead to severe illness or death in extreme cases.
  • Inconsistent pilot light – When the pilot light goes out and isn’t relit properly it can cause gas fumes to backflow into your home if you aren’t careful with relighting it. If this happens then you need to do some troubleshooting with your pilot light assembly and make sure nothing is wrong before attempting to relight it again. A tip for troubleshooting when your pilot light won’t stay lit is to use the old paper trick. Simply crumple up some newspaper or an old junk mail onto your pilot light and it should relight, but make sure to use caution not to burn yourself on the furnace parts.
  • Inconsistent heating – If you are experiencing issues with inconsistent heating, then there could be many reasons for this for example if your sensor is malfunctioning, if the motor assembly isn’t working properly, or if your thermostat wiring is faulty. You may want to consider getting a professional to come out for this one because its very tricky and best left up to professionals if you aren’t familiar with electrical troubleshooting techniques.
  • No heat at all – This means that your main fan motor isn’t running or there’s no power getting to the unit. If this is the case, then its best to call a professional because this may have very dangerous electrical wiring issues which need to be fixed by professionals before turning on your furnace again.

All of these are common troubleshooting techniques that you can use at home to attempt to fix your furnace yourself if you aren’t experiencing any heat coming from it at all, but rather just blowing cold air. Make sure that if none of them work for you that you get an HVAC service technician out right away because these are serious safety hazards and should only be handled by professionals with proper experience in dealing with furnaces.

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