Why Install Thermal Insulated Entrance Doors?

Doors serve as the entryway to your home. Aside from welcoming your family and friends, they also act as barriers to the outside environment. This is why you need Inotherm thermal insulated front doors that are secure, durable, and improve your home’s energy-efficiency.

Heat Loss in Entrance Doors

One primary purpose of entrance doors is to make sure that the internal environment is more comfortable compared to the external environment. It is partly done through controlling the temperature inside your home.

Thermal insulated front doors
Thermal insulated front doors with a stylish design

It is very important to control heat loss in entrance doors if you want the internal climate to stay as comfortable as possible. This loss of heat through your doors can happen through air leakage and heat transfer mechanisms. 

When it comes to doors, these forms heat loss take place as described below:

Air leakage 

Air leakage makes up for heat transferred with the air moving through the frame’s gaps because of the shortcomings in the manufacturing and installation of the door.

Video: How to Fix Air Leaks Around an Exterior Door


The heat is moving through the door’s solid parts like the sill, rails, panels, and jambs. 


The heat is lost from the movement of the air near in and to the space between the frame and the door or the glass.

Thermal radiation 

The glazing of door’s windows absorbs the heat then re-radiates it to the external or internal environment, whichever of the two is cooler. 

While there is no single to completely stop or prevent heat loss through doors, you can still try different ways to dramatically lessen it. 

Tips to Reduce Heat Loss in Entrance Doors

Doors are the main source of heat loss in homes but you can prevent this with the use of some simple added design features. 

Proper insulation

Choosing thermal insulated entrance doors that are insulated properly enough against the outside environment can help in heat loss reduction to the outside and improve your savings on your energy bills. U-value and R-value are used to measure the effectiveness of how a certain door insulates. 


This glazing pertains to the glass used in the entrance door itself. The use of glazing with different properties will be able to dramatically improve the window’s overall performance. 

Low-emissivity glass

The special e-coating on glass in doors will help lessen the amount of heat and light that is transferred as the result of the thermal radiation


When you speak of weatherstripping, it refers to using a seal between the door itself and the frame. Aside from reducing the leakage of air of a door, weatherstripping can also keep out the rain and help reduce the noise exchange from the environment with the home’s interior.

As a homeowner, your goal is to ensure that your place always remains comfortable and cozy all year round. You might not realize it but your door actually plays a big role here. Make sure you choose high quality thermal insulated front doors for you to enjoy your beloved home to the fullest. 

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