All about Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Fitted bathroom furniture is becoming a popular choice for many modern bathrooms today. Just like a fitted kitchen, a fitted bathroom creates a clean environment and boasts an uncluttered appearance thanks to its matching units, lots of storage space, and worktop.

Fitted Bathroom Furniture Defined 

Fitted bathroom furniture involves the combination of storage units such as drawers and cupboards with a back-to-the-wall toilet, basic, vanity unit, and countertop. This setup produces a complete blend of fittings and fixtures built in an organised and unified furniture structure. 

Fitted bathroom furniture are space savers

Benefits of Fitted Furniture for Bathrooms

Fitted furniture pieces for bathrooms offer a range of advantages and benefits. These include the following:

More Design Options 

Even though fitted bath furniture is often associated with modern spaces, you can find it in an exciting selection of styles, designs, and colours. It means that no matter what type of bathroom you have at home, you can easily find the right fitted furniture that will suit your preferences and style. 

Benefits of Modern Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Space Savers

Fitted furniture for bathrooms is designed to help you save space inside the bathroom as much as possible. These furniture pieces will provide you with practical solutions for storage and at the same time, use the available space to the fullest. To make things even better, the extra storage available can help you keep everything organised in your bathroom to reduce unwanted clutter in this part of your home. 

Visual Appeal 

When you’re shopping for bathroom fittings, it’s often very common to settle for a complete suite of matching items, typically at least the sink and the toilet. But with a fitted bathroom future, you will not just get a matching sink and toilet because this also comes with matching fitted storage. The result is a visually stunning and appealing bathroom area in any style, whether traditional or contemporary. 

How to Install Fitted Furniture in Your Bathroom

The process of installing your fitted bathroom furniture suite is a task that is best entrusted to the hands of professional installers. More than anyone else, these experts have the necessary qualification, skills, and knowledge to do the project while adhering to the standards. 

Letting the pros do the job also gives you the assurance and peace of mind knowing that the finished project will achieve the masterful-fitted appearance that you need and expect from your bathroom. 

Installation of fitted furniture is best done while referring to the instructions of the manufacturer. The manuals are often laid out in several sections that show the different stages of assembly and modification of the furniture. The instructions will serve as your guide throughout the process of installation. 

The installation manual will also detail the tools you need for installing the different furniture pieces. Make sure that you never use the wrong tools or else, you might end up damaging the furniture because of under-tightened or over-tightened bolts and broken bolt heads. 

Keeping all the necessary tools handy when installing fitted bathroom furniture will also save you from the need to make that extra trip just to buy the tool you don’t have from the hardware store.

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