Use Oxalic Acid Gas Vaporizer to Eliminate Varroa Mites

Varroa Destructor mites are the ultimate archenemy of beekeepers, commercial, and hobbyists alike. Through the years, research studies were focused on discovering how to fight off these pests. This paved way for the use of oxalic acid gas vaporizer

Oxalic acid is considered one of the most effective compounds available right now that help on controlling the populations of Varroa mites in honeybee colonies. This is a form of natural compound present in most plants. 

Oxalic Acid Application Methods 

There are several methods of application for using oxalic acid to treat Varroa mites. The three most popular include fogging, trickling, and using an oxalic acid gas vaporizer. Even though these methods have their own set of pros and cons, trickling is found to make bees suffer from severe negative effects, not to mention that it can also compromise the overall well-being of the entire honeybee colony. 

Oxalic acid gas vaporizer
An oxalic acid gas vaporizer is a special device that turns oxalic acid crystals into vapor.

The thing about tricking is that the bees end up ingesting more oxalic acid and might even experience ill health. The colony’s brooding is also impacted if they ingest the oxalic acid used during the treatment of Varroa mites. This is the reason why using an oxalic acid gas vaporizer and fogging are the preferred methods. 

When using a fogger or vaporizer, the device’s ambient temperature should range from 157 °C to 189 °C. Oxalic acid will begin to sublime into a vapor at 157 °C. But once it goes over 189 °C, it will begin to decompose into carbon monoxide and formic acid. 

Using Oxalic Acid Gas Vaporizer for Varroa Mite Treatment

Vapor is an effective way to spread oxalic acid all over the beehive. This uses oxalic acid’s physical properties through the use of heat for its sublimation. A special equipment called an oxalic acid gas vaporizer is needed for this purpose. 

Oxalic acid gas vaporizers are pieces of beekeeping equipment used for heating oxalic acid until this sublimes in the beehive. Electricity is used to power these vaporizers and they run on AC and DC types of power alike depending on the specific manufacturer. 

Different technologies are used in oxalic acid gas vaporizers. Here are some important things to remember about this equipment:

  • All oxalic acid vaporizers feature leads that run to the power source you plan to use from the vaporizer. 
  • Oxalic acid vaporizers have an acid pan, a rod, and a handle. 
  • You should be close to the mains power outlet or you should always have an inverter available if your vaporizer runs on AC power. 
  • Vaporizers running on DC power can work with many 12V batteries provided that they are well-charged and in good condition. 

How Oxalic Acid Vapor Works 

Oxalic acid vapor gets released and spread all over the beehive and the boxes inside it. The substance cools down and stays attached to the hive’s surface. Mites moving around the hive come into contact with the surfaces. 

Gas Vaporizer for Oxalic accid: Revolutionizing Varroa Mite Treatment

The mites at the backs of the bees moving around the hive also rub against the hive surfaces coated with the acid. These mites all suffer the negative effects of having close contact with the substance, resulting in a high death rate during the first two days of application.

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