Field Shredders are Important Agricultural Equipment

From farm waste, to urban waste, and chaff, field shredders are used for converting larger sizes into smaller ones to allow easy handling and conversion into other products.  

Due to the ever-increasing pollution, the focus has now shifted on waste management of agricultural and farm waste. This is why it is no longer a surprise that shredders are becoming more and more popular because of their ability of converting farm waste and stubbles into smaller portions that could be converted to other materials or can be easily decomposed.

What is Field Shredder?

Shredders are used to cut and shred the forage. This machinery can also be used for different crops such as Lucerne, Napier grass, Maize, and others. A shredder has several blades that allow the shredding of materials to very fine particles. 

Field shredders are simple and easy to use
Field shredders are used for converting larger sizes into smaller ones

A shredder also comes in handy in the manufacturing of biofuel from farm waste. A shredder is also useful for waste management of banana tree leaves, coconut leaves, as well as other tree branches that can then be used for production of organic fertilizer. Most of the shredders today vary from farm waste shredders, vermicompost shredder, and chaff cutters that can be found in the market right now.  

Components of a Field Shredder

Typical shredder machines feature a motor, shaft, bearings, frame, cutter, gear cutting knives or blades, hopper, and tray outlet.

Video: Demonstration of use of the field shredders

Advantages of Field Shredders 

Here are some of the top benefits of a field shredder:

  • It takes a longer time for agricultural waste to degrade that can cause pollution. Shredders can help cut back the size of the agricultural waste then convert it into smaller sizes for an easier and faster degradation.
  • Shredders are also simple and easy to use and are also a more efficient way of waste recycling. 
  • A shredder can also help with easy handling of waste management and storage because of the reduced size. 
  • Shredders can also reduce the amount of waste burnt in the fields that can lead to pollution.
  • There are different kinds of shredders that can be used depending on the farmer’s financial resources, farm resources, and amount of waste. 

Different Types of Shredders

The following are some of common types of field shredders that you can choose from:

Electric Motor Shredders

With these shredders, electricity runs the motor that cuts the wastes using the blades. There is a drum that serves as the feeder as well as a tray that acts as the outlet. 

Manual Operated Shredders

This kind of shredder uses manpower for powering the flywheel that will then rotate the cutting blade for shredding the waste. 

Tractor Operated Shredder 

It is a kind of shredder that is being operated with tractor PTO or power take-off shaft. The power factor gets transmitted to the shredder to allow the farmer in shredding the farm waste in just one pass.  

How Much Does a Field Shredder Cost?

Field shredders come in different price ranges to cater to different budgets and needs.

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