Choosing the Right Colored Contact Lenses That Suit Your Skin Tone

Your eyes serve as the windows to your soul and this statement has become truer than ever these past few months. Colored contact lenses have become one of the best things you can use to make your eyes more beautiful in this era of face masks.

Colored lenses are budget-friendly fashion accessories that can spice up any outfit. In fact, you can easily hit two birds with just one stone when you get your prescription colored contacts from an eye care expert. 

If you are currently looking for contact lenses yet you have no idea what shade of color will go best for your skin tone, you can avoid a color mismatch with help of the following tips.

Colored Lenses for Fair Skin Tone 

When your skin tone is on the fairer end of the spectrum, the only thing you need is to get the correct undertones. Would you want to go for something with a cooler hue or do you like warmer colors instead? 

Colored contact lenses - green
Green colored contact lenses

The general rule of thumb here is that people who have lighter skin will look greater and better with light lens colors like light green or light blue that will give off a natural but radiant final look. 

On the other hand, if you want something bolder, there are also darker colored contact lenses that you can use that will contrast the complexion of your skin and bring out its color better. These colors will also stand out more for ladies when paired with winged eyeliner. 

Colored Lenses for Tanned Skin Tone 

There are a lot of people who seem to think that it is an advantage if you have fair skin. However, there are plenty of exciting colors that often look much more vibrant on deeper or tanned skin tone. You might not know it but bright hues look best on people with tanned skin.

Best colored contacts for brown skin tones. Most realistic contacts for dark skin.

Choose colored contact lenses in hues such as green, grey, ice cold, and hazel that will surely add a touch of color to your overall appearance. These colors will surely make people turn their heads when they see you walking down the streets. 

Natural colors, on the other hand, will also look just fine so be sure that you pair these with another colored eye shadow so that they don’t get drowned out. 

Colored Lenses for Darker Skin Tone 

Meanwhile, people who have a darker skin tone can wear almost any color, which depends on the effect that they want to achieve. However, there is always something great about smoky and warm colors such as dark grey or honey brown that will help create a more seductive look. 

Bright colors such as hazel or brown ochre are also great choices if you want to change your appearance. To achieve a dressed-down vibe, you can make your eyes seem more refined by using cool-toned colored contact lenses that will emphasize your complexion more. 

Use these tips and make your colored contact lenses compliment your natural skin tone!

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