Canyoning in Bovec – an experience, right out of fairy-tale

If you love nature, we, at Altitude activities are sure that you will fall in love with Bovec and its surroundings. And a trip to Bovec, combined with canyoning in Bovec, it is a dream come true.

We will meet in front of our office in Bled and it will take us just over an hour get to Bovec, a hidden magical place surrounded by mountains. Did you know that The Chronicles of Narnia was filmed in Bovec, next to the blueish green Soča River? This means that we will really enter a fairy-tale world, explore hidden natural slides, and jump into pure, clear, and cold water during our canyoning in Bovec adventure. If you are thirsty, do not worry, Soča River is one of the cleanest rivers in Slovenia, and you can safely take a few sips from its upper flow.

Stunning nature and adrenaline-inducing activity, what more could you wish for

River Soča, and thus canyoning in Bovec, is known for its icy cold emerald green water and sparkly white pebbles. It is a very popular place to be during the summer month. You can experience all the hustle and bustle of this small city, and only a few steps away from the city centre, you can enjoy peace and quiet of the Soča River.

Altitude activities

But we will not visit this place for peace and quiet. We will get our adrenaline level up high with spectacular jumps and flips to clear river pools (you can check for some Soča trout while swimming), we will slide along natural rocky slides, and we will enjoy a canyon that has been carved by flowing water over the centuries. Canyoning in Bovec also offers sliding though some natural tunnels.

Did we convince you with canyoning in Bovec?

If you really fall in love with canyoning in Bovec, do not forget to try another adventure that Altitude actvites has to offer – extreme canyoning in Bovec. Do you dare?

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