Julian Alps hiking with Altitude activities

When going to a Julian Alps hiking trip, make sure you bring comfy shoes and an appetite for adventure with you. Julian Alps offer so many beautiful views that it is hard to imagine. You need to take the whole day to join us on one of our Julian Alps hiking trips, but it is going to be worth it. Join Altitude activities and go Julian alps hiking with them, as their guides are an exceptional team of enthusiasts and they will offer you a lot more than just a hike.

Lke Jasna, Slovenia - Altitude activities

Apart from showing you some of the most hidden and the most beautiful hidden spots of Julian Alps, they will also tell you some of the ancient fairy tales and perhaps about a Slovenian brave boy Kekec. And they will enjoy the view of the protected nature, flowers and alpine animals with you and tell you more about them.

It is so much more than just a hike

Yes, their Julian Alps hiking trips are not just hikes; they are a combination of sports activity, learning about our beautiful protected nature, enjoyment of pure water, majestic views, and history.

Altitude activities guides will make sure to make you day memorable
Altitude activities: Hiking in seven Triglav Lakes valley

We may even stop in one of the mountain cottages, where locals still produce cheese and other dairy products in a traditional way, and you will perhaps get a chance to taste some of the pastoral food. Altitude activities guides will make sure to make you day memorable, so they will probably add even more surprises along the way.

How about a visit to a Pagan girl?

They made sure to adjust our Julian Alps hiking trips to all ages and fitness levels. That is why some of the hikes that they offer are also suitable for small children or elderly. And one of them is a hike, filled with local legends and ancient stories. You can hear legends of a Pagan girl, Golden horn, stories of a brave boy Kekec and more. Join them; you are going to have so much fun.

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