Car Ski Racks

If you are passionate about skiing and want to travel comfortably and safely, there is an essential accessory for your car: the car ski rack. The variety of models is huge. Many of them are attached to the bars of the roof of the car – on which you can install a ski rack or a chest to carry all the covered material – but there are also magnetic – they do not need roof bars and you can put them only when you need them.

And, if you have a 4 × 4 vehicle, you may be interested in choosing a ski rack of those that are installed on the rear wheel. In the market there are solutions to carry from 1 to 6 ski pairs on the roof or the back of the vehicle. Before choosing your car ski rack model you must take into account what load you are going to transport and how often.

Car ski magnetic rack

The essential thing when choosing this car ski racks type is to check the adherence of the magnet plates. Each manufacturer specifies the maximum speed that can be driven with the ski rack, from 90 km/hour to figures that exceed the maximum speed allowed on the roads.

Car ski racks

The greater the grip, the greater the feeling of safety, since vibrations are eliminated. If you are going to make long distances and your trips to ski resorts are frequent, look for a ski rack with a high level of grip and suitable for driving at high speeds.

Roof ski racks

They are usually made of steel or aluminum – lighter. Most of them adapt to all roof bars, but you should always check the measurements. There are to transport from a single pair of skis to three pairs. Most of them have side opening and anti-theft lock, and some are adjustable in height, which allows avoiding any friction of the fixings with the roof. Some incorporate large opening buttons for easy handling even with ski gloves.

Car ski racks

Ski rack for the 4 × 4 rear wheels

This system allows to transport up to five pairs of skis in a vertical position, on the spare wheel that the 4 × 4 have in the back. The installation is done by means of straps or screws.

Ski carrier for the vehicle’s ball

They are installed on the coupling ball of the vehicle and are designed to transport from two pairs of skis to six. When placed in the back of the vehicle and upright – like the previous ones – they hardly generate friction with the air or increase fuel consumption. Most of them are folding, to allow the opening of the tailgate; and many of them can be transformed into bike universal roof racks for cars.

Whatever your choice, you should follow some tips to get all the performance out of your car ski rack. Always check that the lock or anti-theft system has been properly closed. If you make long trips, check the ski rack status at each stop: the lock, the adherence of the plates, the correct installation of the safety tape … If you carry the material horizontally, always place the spatulas of your skis towards the side Rear of the vehicle, is the way to minimize friction with the air and reduce fuel consumption. And remember to remove the magnetic car ski rack once you remove the skis and clean and dry the magnetic plates before storing.

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