What You Should Know about Sygic Navigation

Sygic navigation is an app for navigation for iOS and Android devices. With quality maps, it offers other high quality features. What makes it different from others is because it’s useful and beneficial.

Use and Features

The user may either buy a map or consider activating a free trial. For free trial purposes, maps canbe downloaded. Sygic will allow you to use the ma and its app with full functionality for a week before asking you to purchase.

Sygic Navigation takes pride of different functions. It includes normal navigation through the desired address. Just choose the appropriate country, enter the city, house number or street number. Then, you may start your navigation. Aside from that, home addresses can be stored. These enable users to get directions from or to home easily and quickly. You may also search for past addresses as well as places of attractions or interests can be found quickly as well. Moreover, you’ll find interesting places in immediate vicinity. Such include parking, shops, restaurants, sights, and more.

Sygic enables you to save your favorites and access routes later. If your friends have account on Sygic, you may also access the favorites of your friend and share addresses. Sygic account provides some advantages in case of loss of device, it’s possible to recover your purchased maps on your new device.

Every voice command is issued by a female voice so drivers can focus on the road. There’s also the possibility to use voices of celebrities or Homer Simpson. Aside from that, Sygic provides different warning functions like sharp curves. You may also set tolls, highways and ferries or unpaved roads as things that should be avoided. Such notifications can be extended and customized by users to suit their needs.

Another function is known as Travel Book. Users may find statistics on their trips. SOS feature is implemented properly and very useful. If possible, emergency calls can be directly placed from the app. In corresponding window, the last position is showed along with the emergency departments including police stations, hospitals, and pharmacies.

Old maps of Europe (1851)

Back in the days, when there were no navigation devices, people used maps. If you are interested in old maps, read the article Helpful Tips on How to Collect Old Maps.

Controls and Screen

In settings, users may adjust the view in navigation pane to your preferences. For instance, in landscape mode, a certain speed indicator may be displayed together with some information that would be found at the screen’s bottom part. 3D maps are useful that provide good orientation and may be disabled quickly when needed.

The interface and graphical design is good overall and doesn’t enable criticism. When it comes to night driving, Sygic offers head-up display as well. With this feature, the smartphone display may be mirrored so you could project to your windshield.

The Bottom Line

Sygic Navigation is a successful navigation app for Android.  Other than the essential functions, Sygic provides a range of useful and well-developed features. The price is okay even though other operation aspects might be improved. Since the core functionality of reliable and accurate navigation is fulfilled, Sygic Navigation is highly recommended.

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