Linear bushing in different types and variations

Motion device as a linear bushing for transfer equipment and semiconductor manufacturing systems is part of the mechanism that is utilizing rolling steels balls for straight-line motion. Ball bearings impart unlimited stroke motion while the steel balls are recirculating within the raceway grooves, that are part of the cylinder and retainer in the outer line. Devices can obtain straight-line motion with low friction and high accuracy.

Ball bearings are used in combination with linear schafts and precision round rails that are available to purchase in an online store Tuli. The specialized online store also offers open bearing blocks in SME series and open type ball bearings with rubber seals on both ends. An open type is popular in usage in Europe. The steel outer ring has a groove for circlip and can be used in 3D models.

Linear bushing made from stainless steel

As the motion products are made from stainless steel, this guarantees more durability and longer life expectancy. The material has strong anti-corrosion characteristics and is additionally hardened on the surface of the linear bushing. Its working temperature is between minus 20 ºC to plus 110 ºC.

Linear bushing LMFP UU
All linear bearings with the designation UU have seals from both sides

House, balls materials, and linear schafts are also made of stainless steel. These motion elements are suitable to use in specific types of machines, such as food processing machines, various disc readers, and semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, and vacuum equipment. Otherwise, the ball bearing slides can be made of hardened cold rolled steel or galvanized steel.

Linear schafts as the inner raceways of the bearing

The plain bearing systems can use aluminum, carbon steel, or stainless steel linear schafts. On the other hand, motion devices for recirculating bearings are mostly made of bearing-grade carbon steel or stainless steel. Being able to withstand caustic or abrasive contaminants in harsh conditions, the elements can be plated or coated. There are also varieties of different surface finishes that increase the contact area between the element and the ball bearings.

Another important characteristic of linear schafts is in their hardness, since the heavier loads place more stress on the surface of the motion element and point loading by the ball bearing can cause permanent deformation. Hardness levels are not so critical for bearings that make straight lines as they are for recirculating types. The first group doesn’t include wipers or seals and the contaminants can become embedded in the bearing.

Standard, open and long type of linear bushing

The standard type of linear bushing in different series is most widely used, as it has a nut with the most accurate cylindrical shape. Standard type can be closed, adjustable, and open. Variations are robust with their steel ball retainer and are designed for applications that need a high level of soiling’s, such as cement plants, foundries, and woodworking. The long type is a longer version of standard type, as it contains two units of the standard retainer plate.

Linear bushing KH
Linear ball bearing bushings type KH has most compact design of all available types

On the other hand, an open type of ball bearings is used with supported rails. Its steel outer ring has a groove for circlip that can be applied for the housing or mounting. As the nut is in one place cut open by one row of the ball, the motion element can be used even in locations where the linear schafts are most often supported by a fulcrum or by a column

Flanged and clearance-adjustable type of linear bushing

The clearance-adjustable type is made in the same dimensions, considering width, length, and height, as the standard type, yet the nut has a built-in slit that is moving in the direction of linear schafts at each end. Therefore, the motion device can be installed in a housing with an adjustable inner diameter. It can also be mounted on an aluminum light fulcrum that is securing the shaft when using bolts. Nevertheless, it is important to consider the load rating, and temperature and contact factor.
In the specialized online store Tuli, you can also purchase a flanged type of linear bushing that comes in different variations, such as a cut flange with two units of the standard retainer plate in shorter and longer models and a flange made from stainless steel that is cut to a square shape. Motion elements in round flanged type can be directly mounted onto the housing with bolts, as the nut is integrated with the flange.

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