Unique dual belt auger drive impels snow off vigorously

Ariens Dual belt auger drive system

This is another reason why Ariens Deluxe 28 snow blower throws snow over 50 ft. Unique dual belt auger drive impels snow off the chute vigorously and continuously, supplying consistent power and more lasting belt lifetime requiring few or null maintenance.

Six forth speeds and two back speeds. Ariens snowblowers use industrial friction drive since 1960, allowing to set speed for variable needs. You can rotate the chute the full 200 degrees thanks to 2.5 cranks. The remote deflector throws snow with precision up to 50 ft.

Awesome secondary features

The handles are attached to each other. We usually don’t drop the grips for storing or moving the machine, so bolting them is a reasonable decision. They’re also very durable and a bit bigger than most as seen in this Ariens snowthrower deluxe 28 review.

Taking a look at the posterior of the machine, you see it’s well designed. Wires are protected, not hanging around. Linkages, cables, and rods are elegantly placed so that they don’t hinder you.

More common features

  • Two handles lock to each other free your hands so that you can make arrangements while you keep operating.
  • 120v electric start.
  • Big halogen headlight allows you to work at evening and keeps you safe.
  • Hard-working reversible skid shoes help adjusting intake high to clean uneven ground.
  • Rust-resistant housing for a longer lifetime.
  • Comes with a limited warranty for three years.


I think Home Depot and Ariens reviews on the Auto-Turn Deluxe 28 are a bit hasty, since it hasn’t been around for that long for posting so many reviews. Actually, Home Depot posted only five reviews and Ariens only three on this model. The Auto-Turn is new. But the Deluxe 28 has been released long ago. This machine has shown its high-quality potential. Almost all of the reviews are positive.

From 280 reviews, only 3 are technical issues and apparently faulty from factory. Other cons reviews are about handling and they all refer to the new Auto-Turn Steering. It’s a good trait and users like it! Ariens AX motor, front light and remote-control chute is what most of you were asking for. These and normal features have set the Ariens 28 Deluxe as one of the best snowblowers, maybe standardizing a new size for intermediate users.

Consumer Reports trayed to blow sawdust with snowblowers. They mentioned that in other brands machines the housing began to totter. All available snowblowers have a housing more or less the same thick. Ariens, by the other hand, has additional stampings to strengthen the sides of the case. Most brands apply two stampings, Ariens applies four. This way, side panels don’t collapse that easy.

Other secondary trait is the plated upper edge. That means a harder stamping than in the other brands.

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