Inverter generator ensures a steady and stable energy

Predator 2000 inverter generator has a resistant case that can endure any hit and counts with protection against an electric overload. You can also increase its capacity by attaching it to another predator generator, having extra output.

Predator 2000 inverter generator is a great device you can find in the market which offers a wide base of energy needs.


  • Durability
  • Silent while running
  • Convenient size and weight
  • Supplies a consistent quantity of wattage.
  • It introduces inverter technology.


  • Small fuel tank.
  • Only able to power a few small devices.
  • Not enough capacity to power big appliances like fridges.

Predator 2000 Peak Generator as shown in this Predator 2000 generator reviews is a light device that can supply up to 1600w. That’s to say, it can power several small appliances at the same time, or one only big energy-demanding appliance such as an electric stove. It can be attached to a parallel RV-ready equipment able to produce up to 4000w. The 2000 Peak Generator applies inverter technology that generates flowing stable energy as needed for delicate appliances. This model generates more energy with less fuel.

You can get up to 4000w power using a Parallel Kit, which allows you to connect two Predator devices to combine energy.

You can consider Predator 2000 as an economical choice to Honda eu2000i and Yamaha EF2000iSv2. All 3 models present the same energy ranges. Yamaha and predator are powered by a 79-cc engine, while Honda has a 98.5 cc engine.

This portable version has a robust body, armored with an impact-proof housing. Able to run up to 6 or 7 hours, it incorporates a low-oil sensor and a protection to prevent electrical overload.

This model is quite easy to use. Anyway, it takes some time to startup. This happens often when the weather is cold. Although, the practical, light and convenient design and structure of the 2000 Peak makes it ideal for camping, boating, RVing or whatever you like to do outdoors.

Specifications of the Predator’s 2000 Peak Generator

  • 79.7cc, air-cooled OHV gas engine.
  • Power capacity of 2000w peak power and 1600w continuous.
  • A maximum of 6.5 hours runtime at 50% capacity.
  • Fully enclosed impact-proof protective case.
  • Electronic overload protection.
  • An optional RV-ready parallel equipment allows you to get up to 4,000w power.

Pros and Cons of the Predator’s 2000 Peak Generator


  • Its light build makes it easy to move around.
  • The build quality is really good.
  • Has an amazing design.
  • Simple device, easy to operate.
  • Easy cleaning.


  • Limited number of outlets.
  • Takes time to start up.
  • Must change oil frequently.

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