EdgeStar is an appliance for starters

How cold gets the EdgeStar kegerator?

One we always worry about when it comes to a kegerator is whether it can get cold enough. The EdgeStar won’t disappoint you. It can get to temps in the low 30s to 50s. It can variate depending on the beer you’re dispensing at the time. The thermostat settings is simple. In my case, I like to serve my beer at the right temp. EdgeStar boasts that this is the coolest kegerator available.

What comes with the KC2000

  • Domestic D coupler for common use kegs
  • Carbon dioxide regulator with a simple pressure indicator
  • 5 pounds aluminum CO2 can (must be filled)
  • Stainless-steel column draft with faucet
  • Beer and air lines
  • Dual drip tray and chrome security rails
  • Black plastic handle
  • Roller wheels and protective metal bottom disk for strength
  • CO2 tank mount at the outside
  • Two racks for adding if used as a fridge

The only not included feature that you may want to buy is the coupler for craft brew kegs, if you happen to do that. You can watch this video and more EdgeStar instructions for setup guidance as seen in this kc2000 kegerator review.

Keg settings

One thing to think of when purchasing a kegerator is the settings of the keg you’re going to use. The EdgeStar KC2000 is suitable for half Coors and Miller kegs, or any other rubberized kegs, which are too wide for this machine.

  • ½ Full Size Keg
  • ¼ Pony Keg
  • ¼ Slim-Pony Keg
  • Up to two 1/6 Barrel kegs
  • Up to two Cornelius craft brew kegs

It has a range of choices: a single black or stainless-steel tap (KC2000SS), a dual black tap (KC2000TWIN) or double stainless-steel tap (KC2000SSTWIN) and a triple tap. Some models even have an electronic thermometer, but the common KC2000 doesn’t.

Remember that this device id designed for indoor application and may not work as we would like if stored or taken outdoors. Or in wet, cold or hot spaces. If the machine doesn’t reach the right temperature, according to the temperature indicator, EdgeStar support will give you instructions to solve the problem.

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