VPS Hosting

VPS is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Server. Being a private server, implies that it is exclusively yours and guarantees a certain amount of resources that you do not have to share with anyone.

It’s like having your own dedicated but virtual server, which means it’s a partition on a physical server that is dedicated to you. In addition to giving you root access, this virtual server allows you to install your preferred operating system and work on your project with an incomparable degree of freedom.

VPS solutions generally offer several web hosting plans. For example, in Hostinger, we have six VPS plans that adapt to different needs like hosting several domains and allow you to scale your site without problems when you need more resources.

How does VPS hosting work?

The answer to this question is when the shared hosting is small. If the shared hosting you have hired has reached its limit, it is best to move to a VPS server.

If, for example, you have a website with more than 100 thousand visits per day, with peaks of more than 60 people connected at the same time, there is no shared hosting that supports it and you will have to resort to a VPS server.

Online services, mobile app, web applications, developers, etc. … that need a higher performance can also opt for a VPS server because it will provide the power and individuality they need without having to acquire a dedicated server.

Each VPS Server (Virtual Server) will maintain an autonomous and independent operation of the others having an independent storage service, having its own configuration of applications, systems, control panel and access, its own RAM, processors…

With Hostinet VPS Servers you will have access to the power, privacy and security that a dedicated server gives you but with the price of a shared hosting (more economical when sharing machine with other accounts).

If you need to have all the advantages offered by a dedicated server, but you do not need a computer for you alone, a VPS Server (Virtual Server) is the service that best suits your needs. You just have to decide the model of Server VPS that best suits what your project requires and you will get the best price for the performance of a dedicated server with all the facilities and flexibility of your shared hosting.

When to use VPS and how to decide if it is time for an improvement?

VPS hosting is generally seen as the next step after your website grows outside of the shared hosting resource limits. If the most advanced shared hosting plan is no longer enough to run your website without problems, it is worth moving to a VPS plan. In such cases, VPS hosting can provide you with the best of both worlds: shared and dedicated hosting.

However, there are other use cases where it may be a good idea to start with a VPS plan from the beginning. For example, e-commerce websites where you need to ensure secure payments with a fast and stable environment can benefit a lot from a virtual private server. In fact, if you store any type of confidential information or have to process payments online, a VPS can help you reduce the risk of security breaches and identity theft.

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