Scooter Helmet Buying Guide

It doesn’t matter if you have plans to get a sparkling new scooter helmet for your equally new shiny ride or you are sick and tired of your good old helmet. There is a good chance that you are having a hard time reaching a wise decision. There are many options available in terms of size, style, design, comfort, shape, and others, making it even more daunting to pick the right model. 

To help you with your decision-making, below are some things that can help you pick the perfect helmet that suits your needs. 

Consider the Build Materials 

When shopping for scooter helmets, you need to compare the different build materials. There are different materials used for making different helmets. Cheaper models feature an outer shell made from injection-molded ABS polymers that offer a good balance between protection and price. The interior is often made from EPS foam that has great shock-absorbing abilities and provides reliable protection from impacts. 

The higher end helmets, on the other hand, can be constructed from fiberglass compositions that can absorb more energy upon impact. However, models that feature this material are often much pricier. Carbon fiber is typically found in a more expensive scooter helmet but you can expect them to offer the best level of protection due to their weight, provided that your budget can afford them. 

Ensure the Right Fit

The best scooter helmet is one that fits you well. Even though it should be obvious from the get-go, a lot of people don’t really understand the importance of a perfectly fitting helmet. It becomes even more critical when looking for scooter helmets for kids since sizes may differ and you want to get the highest level of protection for the young rider. 

An excessively large helmet will end up bouncing during the ride, creating lots of noise, and worst, it wouldn’t even provide the much needed protection if a crash happens. Wearing a helmet that is too large will make you prone to grave danger if an accident occurs since this helmet may fall off your head, the very last thing you would want to happen during such scenarios. 

On the contrary, a tight-fitting helmet isn’t good either as this will only create lots of discomfort during your ride. It will also make it almost impossible to embark on long distance tours or commutes. If a scooter helmet is too small, it will not sit correctly on your head, giving you less than desirable protection. A good helmet should only feel a bit tight around your head, cheeks, and forehead but never too tight. 

Thus, when shopping for a scooter helmet, you first need to measure your head then check the specific size charts of the brand where you plan to purchase before you place an order. The size of your head doesn’t necessarily predict its shape and trying out the helmet is the best way to guarantee that it will fit you. if you end up ordering the wrong size, ask if you can return it for replacement.

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