Best Wild Pig Attractants Every Hunter Can Use

The best wild pig attractants doesn’t only attract these animals. Since all ingredients are pretty much available at stores, hunters will never have a hard time making their own attractants. 

To give you a good idea, here are some quality attractants you can try to use for your next hunting trip:

Anise Oil

Anise oil is an essential used for scenting and flavoring different products like gelatins, candies, perfume, alcohol, soaps, and more. Even the smallest amount of this oil can already go a long way, making it one of the bets wild pig attractants out there.

Wild pig attractants - Anise Oil
Wild pig attractants – Anise Oil

Not a lot of hunters know that they can use anise oil as an attractant. However, you will be surprised with its effects if you try it yourself, Anise oil has this very potent and strong scent that can travel a long distance. 

This also works best when combined with corn or any other substance for the wild pigs to eat it. it is only natural for anise oil to seep into the soil and make the pigs root the ground and return later on for seconds.

Molasses Corn Mixture

You can mix molasses with one bag of corn of 50lb for your next hunting trip. Molasses is a very sweet and thick substance that makes it yet another amazing wild pig attractant. Molasses can also be a pricier choice if done in bulk.

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This is why it might be better if you hang the molasses mixture inside a bag around 4 to 5 feet off the ground for it to attract the wild pigs and dig a hole around 3 feet below the ground where you can place the rest of the mixture. 

You can then cover the surface about this with whole shelled corn to give the wild pigs something to eat right away as they try looking for other sources of food. 

Raspberry Jello Mix

Wild pigs from all over will never be able to resist raspberry jello mix and its sweet smell. Once combined with corn, this can be the best attractant to add to your feeder. For your quick hunt it, you can try sprinkling some raspberry jello mix packets around the place to attract them. In general, it would be best if you bait the mix together with something with more substance for the pigs to eat like corn. If not, chances are they will end up rooting the area to get as much of the mix as they can. 

Sugar Corn Mixture

Wild pigs love anything sweet and there is nothing sweeter than sugar itself. This recipe is quite simple. Just add mix 50lb bag of corn and 4lb bag of sugar. The easiest way of mixing them together is by putting the mixture in a 5 gallon bucket. A packet of yeast is an optional additive. This is one a great wild pig attractant that will surely make these animals go wild. 

Other wild pig attractants that you can try include sweet corn, whole shelled corn, soured corn, and peanut butter. 

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