The Truth Behind Wig Myths

The internet is abuzz with all sorts of myths about wig and its uses. However, most of these myths are exactly just that. They are nothing but myths that don’t have any truth behind them. This article will tackle some of the most popular myths regarding wigs to help you set facts apart from fiction.

Myth #1: People Will Know if You are Wearing a Wig

This is probably the most common out of all myths about wigs and it also happens to be the one that is farthest from the truth. Wigs today have been designed to look healthy and natural o there is no need for you to worry if people will know that you are wearing one because they will never be able to in the first place. 

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Wigs are available in different colors

Myth #2: Your Head is Too Big or Too Small for Wigs 

Once again, this is false. Shopping for wigs that suit you perfectly is similar to shopping for a dress. All it takes is to know the size that fits you. To know the right size of wigs for you, the only thing you have to do is measure your head. You can ask someone to help you out here to make the task easier.

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Myth #3: It is Too Hard to Style and Care for Wigs

There will always be some challenges involved if this is the first time you are doing or wearing something. The same applies for styling and maintaining wigs. With enough practice, you will soon become an expert in caring for and styling your wigs just like your hair stylist. But of course, don’t expect that you will become a master overnight.

Myth #4: Wigs Fall or Blow Off

Well, there is an ounce of truth in this myth although it is also false at the same time. Wigs only fall or blow off if they are not proper fitted. Meanwhile, if your wig is too snug, it can pop off while a too loose one can easily slide off. Provided that you know your size, your wigs won’t fall or blow off. Many wigs even come with adjustable straps to help you size it down or up at one or two inches as you like.

Myth #5: Using Wigs Means You Will be Stuck with the Same Hairstyle 

This is a big false once again. For one, with some practice on how to style and maintain your wigs, you will soon become an expert so you can transform it to as many hairstyles as you want. Also, there is no need for you to just use the same wig for the rest of your life. All wig wear out and deteriorate over time. Synthetic wigs worn daily can only last for 4 to 6 months while human hair wigs can wear out in a year. If you still need to wear wigs after this timeframe, it is possible to change your style by buying a new wig. Lastly, wigs are meant to be versatile so you can change them as you please. 

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