Should You Go for Carpet or Rubber Auto Floor Mats?

No matter how fussy and tidy you are as a driver, you still cannot help it but to bring leaves, stones, and other dirt into your car through your shoes and clothes. Even though it might seem easy and simple to get rid of this mess, after some time, the dirt can build up and cause some serious stains on the interior of your car. There is also the problem of stains coming from drinks, food, and other spills inside your car that, if not removed, can create unpleasant smells and ruin the appearance of your car. This is where rubber auto floor mats become a necessity.

Auto floor mats are easy and simple to clean and they can keep your vehicle protected from dirt, dust, and stains. These mats are also easy to clean, remove, and vacuum so that the interior of your car will look its best all the time. 

Protect Your Car to Preserve Its Value 

Maybe you don’t think that tiny stain in your vehicle will affect its overall value. However, buyers can be quite picky and they can also expect that they will get the best quality out of their money. If they see even a speck of stain on the seats or footwell, they might be put off or they might ask for a lower price.

Rubber auto floor mats

Using auto floor mats can save your car from losing its value that make them must-have accessories. The small investment you make on them can give you big rewards once you are ready to sell.  

Choose Between Carpet and Rubber Auto Floor Mats 

Depending on the specific look you have in mind, you can choose between rubber or carpet floor mats, both of which have their own unique benefits. 

Rubber car floor mats are perfect for wet weather because they won’t soak up the rain water coming from your shoes. These floor mats are also easier to dry. Cleaning them is also effortless, which means that even if you accidently spill something strong smelling or sticky on your rubber mats, you can clean them with water alone. The only drawback of rubber auto floor mats is because they cannot soak up water, these might not help dry your shoes before you drive and may also get slippery during wet conditions.

VIDEO: How to clean rubber auto floor mats

On the other hand, carpet floor mats can effectively hold in dirt from shoes. You just need to remove then shake the mats as these don’t collect dirt in hard to reach areas inside your car. You can also vacuum in and out of your car. A carpet cleaner can also be used to give these floor mats a thorough clean and get rid of any unwanted smells. 

Carpet and rubber auto floor mats for cars and vans are both excellent options. At the end of the day, the choice you make is only a matter if personal preference. They both offer the benefits of collecting any dust and dirt that may enter your car and they are also a great way to maintain and preserve and interior of your vehicle.

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